Our Selection Process

At DKnannies, we believe it is of the utmost importance to provide children with an absorbing and varied array of activities. These include engaging in play time that incorporates education -for example, art, writing, reading, math skills, and logic. We also stress encouraging each child’s creativity. One more emphasis is developing social skills.

By balancing several different areas – human ethics, creativity, education, and social skills – we feel we are actively and consistently helping each child grow into a self-confident, empathetic person – in other words, a great human being.

Critical steps we follow

To ensure that our nannies incorporate our values into the relationships they form with the children in their care, each one is required to follow a number of critical steps

  1. Extensive background check
  2. Written application
  3. Personal interview
  4. CPR and first aid certification
  5. Our Nanny Etiquette Training Seminars

I Need a Nanny Now!

Our Training Seminars:

  • Respecting a family’s privacy
  • Ways of stimulating the child’s growth — educationally, socially, and physically – through various play techniques
  • The importance of creating a routine for children
  • Fun ways to introduce a healthier diet
  • Different techniques for maintaining children’s behaviors, if needed
  • Ways of communicating clearly and effectively with parents in order to foster a mutually rewarding and effective work environment
  • Involving children in responsibilities at home as they grow

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