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DKnannies firmly believes that visiting with each family plays a big role in finding the right caregiver. We understand that a strong team relationship is of key importance in creating a nurturing and stable environment for children. Therefore, we find it important to understand the needs of both parties. We carefully study each family’s schedule, dynamics and needs so that our nannies can provide the best support right from the start.


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Once we collect all information on a family and come to an agreed understanding of their needs, DKnannies will select three nannies and schedule meetings with the parents. Parents will have the opportunity to view each nanny’s file and records before scheduling the interviews. Once they choose a nanny, we will arrange a one day try out for the nanny and family.


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It is our philosophy that maintaining a wonderful team relationship between the family and their nanny provides the most nurturing environment for a child. We therefore guide and mentor our nanny and the family throughout their whole childcare adventure. We provide both the parents and the nanny, with year round support to facilitate communication and create a happy and respectful atmosphere for both parties.


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