Over the years,

We have created wonderful memories with all the children that different families have trusted in our hands.

We can’t be more floored and excited to share our knowledge and experience with new families, so that they can create wonderful memories of their own.


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Our philosophy is progressive,

but it is still rooted in the basic premise that children will flourish when they feel safe, listened to, and cared for. At the same time, we are committed to teaching such values as respect, responsibility, manners, and human ethics.
DKnannies – Nanny Agency believes in a mixture of old-fashioned and progressive stimulation, as a key to success.

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Children are our future

We firmly believe that our most important mission is to provide them with the highest level of care possible. We strive to be a link between parents and nannies, to help them create a healthy, loving and stimulating environment.  While parents are working hard to provide for their children, it is our job to make sure children are in a warm, nurturing environment where they can learn and grow into smart, creative, ambitious, loving and respectful little human beings.

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Building Relationships

DKnannies understands that a strong team relationship is of key importance in creating a nurturing and stable environment for children.  We focus on helping the nannies and parents build and maintain great working relationships with each other to assure a long lasting experience for the children.